How we Work

We are working with both retainers and ad-hoc campaigns.


Data: Are you set for todays market? Let us handle all your data management and help you execute stronger

SoMe Management: Do you need social media management? We can handle all your postings based on data and we will also be shooting content based on your specific data metrics.

PR: An influencer can be found online, in print etc. We can tailor your PR efforts to match the behavior of tomorrow.


Influencer Marketing: We are influencer marketing experts. We have helped execute thousands of campaigns.

Events: We can handle your event production and guest list. Are you looking to do a big fashion show or an intimate dinner?

Photo and video shoot: Based on a massive data knowledge we can create content for your performance.


Data: Do you need a run-down of your data?

Creative: Do you need a re-branding or to release a new product?

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is essential in order to become an expert at what you are doing: That’s why we have build a team based on creativity, data and management.

We represent a closely selected group of influencers where we work on developing their personal brand and efficiency on a daily basis.

We also scout and select the right influencers for numerous brands based on overall appearance, perception and past data and sales results.

Working with influencers from different corners of the industry for almost a decade has
build a large experience and knowledge within our company.

Ready to get started. Let’s work together